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Commonly asked questions

How does the partnership program work?
Homemade’s partnership program is a turnkey house flipping as a service offer. Meaning, our team will guide you through your first or next single-family investment from start to finish. Here’s what partnering with us looks like: 
  1. Onboarding: We begin with a brief but intentional onboarding experience. Through a series of partner-specific videos and live 1-1 conversations, we will prepare you for all that’s to come. This training covers our process, working standards, how we source properties, how those properties are sold, design selections, project management, communication standards, what to expect of us as your partner and more.
  2. Deal Selection: From here, the fun begins. We’ll start presenting new opportunities to you. The exciting part: you pick your deal! You choose how much capital to deploy, and when and where to deploy it.
  3. Design Package: Once awarded a new project, you select your house’s design from a menu of proprietary, market-leading Austin Flipsters looks. We’ll collaborate at nearly every phase of this juncture but this is one of the key decisions you’ll make.
  4. Financing & Closing: At this phase, it’s time for closing. One of closing’s key elements: how you finance the deal. You as our partner get to choose how your project is financed: either with our hard money lending partner or cash, and how construction costs will be paid and reimbursed.
  5. Renovation Management: Closing is in the books, celebratory libations are enjoyed, and the rehab is now set to kick off. Post-closing, our construction operations team will begin scheduling work, enforcing our building standards, activating permits, and a whole bunch more. We’ll take care of arguably the most difficult part.
  6. Project Exit: Renovations are wrapping, cleaning and punchout are underway - it’s time to realize an exit.  The beauty of our partnership: you choose your exit strategy. Whether that be list to sell on the MLS, refinance and hold as a short term rental or live-in flip, we’ll help you navigate every step of the way.
Is there a fee to become a partner?
There are fees associated with becoming a Homemade partner. Accepted applicants pay a one time entry fee.

In our model, Homemade partners bring capital, and we as Homemade bring the rest. Think of us as your ‘GP’ or general partner providing operational expertise and you as our ‘LP’ or limited partner providing equity capital. As such, we don’t profit split: the upside of any partner project is yours to keep. Alternatively, the inverse is also true: we don’t guarantee investment performance and downside market risks are assumed by you as a real estate investor.

Our goal (as the ‘GP’) is to present new opportunities to you, our LPs, at roughly ~80% ARV. Given this, Homemade may also make affiliated fees on property acquisitions and construction management, referral fees from our trade vendors, and media sponsors. These are variable on a project-by-project basis - and are subject to change.
How much money will I need to become a partner?
Our minimum capital requirement for partnering is $50k for fractional partners and $100k for standalone partners.

Homemade currently operates in Austin, TX. New opportunities sourced for our partners require roughly this amount (at a minimum) to handle all transactional elements: purchasing, renovations working capital, financing and holding costs, and contingencies.

Our goal is to reduce partner capital requirements as we launch new geographies and service offerings.
What are the key values Homemade looks for in a partner?
At Homemade, the essence of partnership revolves around mutual commitment to shared values. We seek to work with individuals and entities who, like us, embrace personal investment in their endeavors, just as one would care for their own home.

A customer-centric approach is at the core of our collaborations; understanding and prioritizing clients' needs is paramount. Transparent communication is another cornerstone, as clear and honest interactions foster trust and pave the way for enduring relationships. Moreover, maintaining a positive attitude and balancing hard work with an appreciation for life’s lighter moments is essential. We’ve found our most successful partners to be straightforward, honest, and adept at navigating life’s highs and lows.

Together, through these shared values, we aim to forge partnerships that are not only profitable but also deeply fulfilling and impactful.
“Everyone on the Homemade team was amazing. What would have a been a complex process became very turnkey for us. We couldn't have been happier.”
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– Bonnie & Lance, Austin TX

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